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Students of the Month by Lanny Udell
Lanny Udell


Tango Tales

Dart & Dottye Rinefort – Tango Tales 2012
Photo: Alli Novak




Dart and Dottye Rinefort

Dancing tango since: 2008


Why tango: (Dottye) I was intrigued by the idea and have always liked sampling something new. Then a high school classmate “dared” me to just try it.  Dart has never missed the opportunity to accompany me on a new journey so we embarked on our tango adventure together. His appetite for travel was rewarded when we were able to explore the origin of the dance – Argentina!

Favorite part: Solving a good mystery or piecing together a complicated puzzle is something we have always enjoyed. The study of Argentine tango meets all those requirements and much more.

Dart & Dottye Rinefort
All About Tango 2011
Photo: Dominic Colacchio


About Debbie & John: They are dedicated and compassionate instructors of Argentine tango. When we overcome an obstacle in class, they share in our excitement. They give us the individual attention and encouragement that keeps us moving forward, and they always remind us to have fun.

Anything else:  For the more mature dancer, they say to eat your berries and fill yourself with antioxidants to delay cognitive decline. We say, tango every night of the week and there won’t be any cognitive decline.  Once we have accomplished some of the patterns or “tinker-toys” as John calls them, we need to work on their connection with the music (musicality). That’s the allure: the next challenge!


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