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WP_Jill-Aggersburyby Lanny Udell

Dancing tango since:  Jill, Alma del Tango’s volunteer coordinator, started taking classes with Debbie and John through College of Marin in 2011, then joined ADT’s Wednesday classes when the COM sessions ended.

Why tango:  From ballroom to Latin and folk, Jill has danced almost all her life.  She had seen Forever Tango, and when she served on the board of the Allegro Ballroom in the early 2000’s she met Christy Cote and saw her perform. Then she found out about Debbie and John and her life as a tanguera was launched.

Favorite part: Jill loves the music and meeting a diverse group of people. “They seem to have an appreciation of beauty, even in the clothes and, of course, the shoes,” she says.

Jill in her role as Alma del Tango's Volunteer Coordinator

Jill as Alma del Tango’s Volunteer Coordinator




Jill in Tango Tales 2012

About Debbie & John: “They’re great teachers, they complement each other so well and have great patience,” says Jill.  She likes that Debbie and John teach tango as a whole, including the culture and the etiquette — not just steps. She took their 3-month musicality workshop which gave her a deeper appreciation of the music and helped her to better associate the steps with the music.

Anything else? “Tango is a very sensual dance and one of the most difficult dances because it requires so much balance,” she notes. “You really have to feel your partner, there has to be a connection.”

Last word:  Jill would like to learn to lead so when there’s a surplus of followers, she’d be able to dance. Sometimes when the Level 1 class is short of leaders she will step in. Buenos Aires? It’s on her To-Do list.


Jill (center) in her role in Pensalo Bien BEFORE breaking her foot and being unable to perform in Close Embrace 2013

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