Student of the Month: Boyer Cole

Students of the Month by Lanny Udell
Lanny Udell

Boyer Cole

Name: Boyer Cole

Dancing tango since: 2007

Why tango: I had done all the ballroom dances and was looking for something new.

Favorite part: The creativity, trying to come up with steps during the práctica and connecting the dots from one step to the other. Working to keep the steps in the right expression for the music.  I’m amazed at how quickly I can forget what I learned the night before.

About Debbie & John: They’re great teachers. They take a subject and expand on it so I feel more comfortable with some of the details of the dance, and then they will add on something else that can be used with what I just learned. This progressive approach works well for me.

Anything else? I like Debbie’s newsletters and emails; they’re a great way to stay informed.

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