Tango CoupleAs a nonprofit dedicated to building community through Argentine Tango, Alma del Tango offers two types of scholarships – Financial Need and Merit. Both programs include a work exchange in which the student “gives back” by taking on a specific role with Alma del Tango.

Financial Need

We don’t believe that money should keep you from dancing tango! When finances are an issue, Alma del Tango offers scholarships to cover the cost of classes for a specified length of time.  As repayment, scholarship recipients assist with various tasks such as admin work, setting up/cleaning up the studio after events, or other projects as needed.

Merit Scholarships

Full and partial scholarships are offered by invitation only to students who have demonstrated a special talent or skill. The scholarship will provide them with a high level of training to improve their dance skills as well as serving to enhance the Alma del Tango program and its participants. In exchange, students are expected to perform volunteer work in support of the show such as ticket sales, advertising sales, production assistance or other jobs.

How to apply for a scholarship

To apply for an Alma del Tango scholarship, simply submit a written request addressed to our Board of Directors detailing how the scholarship will make a difference to your tango and your life circumstances.  At the conclusion of the scholarship period you will need to write a brief report describing your experience.

You may email your application to our Board of Directors.

Excerpt from one student’s Merit Scholarship report:

Jose Orellano

Jose Orellana

As a scholarship recipient I have gained both added technical refinement and expanded vocabulary through consistent coaching, practice, performance and community support. But more importantly, I have been helped in my journey for personal growth. My vision of aligning myself with a program encompassing a broader mission than good teaching alone has been realized at Alma del Tango. While learning more about dancing in general and the magical way of tango in particular, I have been enriched by the prospect for greater rewards through opportunities to help others in their own tango journeys. I look forward to enlarging my participation to include new program opportunities. – Jose Orellana, Close Embrace 2013



Excerpt from an application for financial assistance:

LP_Azure Adornetto

Azure Adornetto

Participating in Tango Tales would be a wonderful opportunity for me to improve my own dancing by giving me the chance to study both lead and follow roles, and allowing me to perform for others the dance I love so well.  For the first time, I would be able to demonstrate for those people in my life who have never seen me dance, why it is that I spend my last dollars on classes and milongas.  Receiving a scholarship for this performance would allow me to attend classes diligently even though my finances at this time are strained.  As a student, school expenses have left me fairly broke, unexpected taxes have left me a bit in debt, and ongoing health expenses have left me scrambling to make ends meet.  However, through life’s challenges, it has been dancing, that consistently brings me joy and strength. -Azure Devi Adornetto, Tango Tales 2012

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