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Tango: A Romantic Ritual - DVD

Written, Conceived and Directed by Debbie Goodwin

Tango, A Romantic Ritual was performed in 2008 and 2009 by six dynamic professional tango couples from the San Francisco Bay Area. This 30 minute excerpt from the stage performance delves into a phenomenon that has captivated the imagination of the world – the customs, courtesies and silent language of tango. This evocative presentation will seduce you into a sensual, playful love affair with Argentine Tango.

“Tango touches hearts and transforms lives,” says Goodwin. “It is the connection you strive for with another person. Sometimes that can be a complete stranger. To reach this connection during three minutes of music, you must first be very open. It’s like meditation.”

This performance is a glimpse of real social Argentine Tango, as danced in the milongas (clubs) of Buenos Aires and the Bay Area, rather than what you might see in a typical choreographed stage show.

I was transported out of my usual role as avid commercial producer and  into the world of Tango: the music, history and dance were woven together in a seamless presentation by Ms. Goodwin and her cast. The afternoon turned into a delightful musical journey, highly entertaining, informative and professionally produced. – Roxanne Goodfellow, General Manager Post Street Theater, San Francisco

After watching Tango, A Romantic Ritual, you will be able to relate to the dance and think, “This is something I can do…. something I want to do.”

Cast of Tango: A Romantic Ritual

Cast of Tango: A Romantic Ritual includes Terence Clarke, Debbie Goodwin & John Campbell, Pier Voulkos & Daniel Peters, Christy Cote & Darren Lees, Carolina Rozensztroch & Roberto Riobo, Charity Lebron & Sean Dockery, Chelsea Eng & Count Glover

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