Resources for Tango Students

Tango ShoesThe following resources are useful for dancers of all levels, as well as tango professionals. Do you have favorite resources to share? Let us know!


About Tango Music

Tango music for dancing comes primarily from the thirties and forties. After that, the music became first more concert-style and less friendly for dancers, and then moved even further toward jazz in some instances. More recent recordings are either 1) imitative of the older styles or 2) Electronica. Some people like to dance tango to music other than tango music – Alternative.

Where to Buy Music

  • Tangostore Corrientes and Callao, Buenos Aires, or Online! Very reliable
  • Amazon You need to know what you’re looking for. Some of the independent vendors on this site have been less expensive and quite reliable for me.
  • Todo Tango Everything about Tango! Musicians, Singers, Poets, Dancers
  • Polo Talnir (local SF DJ)

Older Rhythmic

Golden Era: Rhythmic

Golden Era: “Stretchy,” Melodic


Tango Nuevo

Neo Tango and / or Electronico

About Tango Shoes

Locally, to start out, a place to buy basic dance shoes for both men and women:

  • D’Lynnes, 1137 4th Street in San Rafael, Ca

Beginning men should wear leather-sole shoes. Light weight, lace-up shoes are best.

Beginning women can get character shoes at the dance store. They have a modest and supportive heel, ankle strap and closed toe. Sandals, flats and shoes without an ankle strap do not offer enough support. Later, when you are ready,  you can invest in tango shoes. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when Tango Con*Fusión holds their tango boutique with lightly used tango shoes and clothing at great savings. (Proceeds from the boutique help support their artistic endeavors.)

 Shoes in San Francisco

  • Jennifer Olson  or (971) 219-7075.
    You can set-up an appointment with her, and go to her house in the mission.  She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of shoes to try on.  She carries, Bandolero and Turquoise mostly – both newer brands from Italy.  As well as some Comme Il Faut, and a few others.

Movies featuring Tango

Cuesta Abajo – Carlos Gardel 
English title : Going downhill. New York 1934

Scent of a Woman
with Al Pacino, 1992
Just one dance scene.

Tango – (Carlos Saura)
by Vittorio Storano, 1998, Spanish w/ subtitles
Very stylized choreography, very visual. Twisted plot.

Tango Bar – Carlos Gardel
New York 1935 . Director : John Reinhard

Tango Bar
Castle Hill Productions

Tango Con*Fusion
by Auriel, 2005, Short documentary.
All woman Argentine Tango dance company in the San Francisco Bay Area during their first year of creation and performance.

Tango Magic
Hard to come by. Contact us for a loaner VHS copy

The Plague
Tango clip featuring Carolina Loti (partner of Pablo Veron in The Tango Lesson by Sally Potter) in this LUIS PUENZO screen rendition of LA PESTE by Albert Camus. With: William Hurt, Sandrine Bonnaire, Robert Duval, Raul Julia. Dialogue is in English, French and Spanish. It is re-set in an Oran (originally capital of Algeria) hypothetical South American city.

The Tango Lesson
by Sally Potter, 1997. VHS only, not DVD yet.
Great dance scenes, and a good story too.

Where (and when) to Dance Tango

Tango Mango Schedule of classes, milongas and special events.

Milongas in Buenos Aires This is a page of more detailed info and web links A wonderful local resource for everything about tango in San Francisco