Private Tango Lessons

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Private tango lessons are a great way to accelerate your learning. Taught by Debbie Goodwin, John Campbell, and/or one of our staff instructors, they are held at the Alma del Tango studio in Marin. Because our mission is to both develop community and accomplished tango dancers, we make taking group classes a requirement to taking private classes.  We have group classes for all levels. Check them out here.

  • Highly recommended as a supplement to the group classes and prácticas to improve your improvisational skills.
  • A great way to get individualized instruction and work on what you want to learn.
  • Great for learning choreography for performances and special events such as weddings or anniversary parties.
  • NEW! $60 Half Hour Private Class (Sometimes you need just a brief intro to tango or check-in to hone a skill or master that sequence from a group class.)
  • $110 Single Private Class (55 minute hour – includes floor fee)
  • $525 Five Private Class Package
  • $1000 Ten Private Class Package
  • The above prices are for one instructor only. If you wish to have both Debbie & John for a private the cost will be: $150 Single.

To schedule your private tango lesson, contact Debbie.

To My First and Favorite Tango Teacher,

Debbie & Tanya

Debbie & Tanya on 40’s night at Nora’s Tango Weekend
June 2012

There are encounters in life that impact you in such a powerful way that you are a changed person from that moment on.

That is the case with me meeting Debbie Goodwin.

Debbie, this little note is a humble attempt to express my admiration and gratitude. You are the ultimate Teacher, each lesson that I took with you was not only about tango, it was about building character, opening sides in me I never thought existing, making me believe that I can Dance Tango. You have always been both highly professional and absolutely accessible on human level, conducting our classes in such wonderful, unassuming manner that i felt free and at ease with most difficult tasks.
Always in debt for giving me the miracle of Tango embrace, the miracle of connection with another human being.

Tanya Rokhlin