Me Llamo Tango (2015)

Me LLamo Tango FlyerTonight’s performance explores the soul of tango. Not simply a lover’s tryst, but a venerable embrace of cultural solidarity and self-expression. While rooted in social style tango, each couple expresses their own personality through the dance, and also interacts with each other as we do in tango communities the world over.

Sometimes improvised, sometimes choreographed… Me Llamo Tango is at once romantic, quirky, dramatic, and playful. “Each couple is Tango in their own way,” says director/choreographer Debbie Goodwin.

Guest artist, Eduardo Saucedo joins the company from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Representing the Soul of Tango, he brings the cultural heritage of Tango through both drama and dance. Seth Asarnow y Su Sexteto Tipico, one of the premier tango orchestras in the United States, provide the music of the Golden Age of Tango.

“I am excited to present the debut performance of the Debbie Goodwin Dance Company,” says Goodwin, “and I hope people will continue to support us as we mature in our work. “

The Debbie Goodwin Dance Company (DGDC) is sponsored by the non-profit arts organization, Alma del Tango,