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Tango Land - Debbie Goodwin Dance
Tango House - Debbie

Debbie Goodwin is Alma del Tango’s resident teacher, choreographer and director for its student and professional productions. Debbie is also available for freelance projects. Contact Debbie.

Debbie Goodwin is a consummate professional and a producer’s dream to work with.  She can, and does, do it all, from budget wrangling, writing (and getting!) grants, ticket sales, buzz-building, show conception, sets, lighting, costumes, dancers, AND inventive, moving, elegant, theatrical, and challenging choreography.  On our show, Tango House, she worked seamlessly with our organization and did her homework to understand the community we were addressing and its issues.  The show was sold out and immediately established our festival’s credentials as high quality. She was fabulous and we would work with her again in an instant.

– Winter Held and Auriel, Producers for the International QueerTango Festival San Francisco

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Debbie Goodwin is one of the most knowledgeable tango instructors in the Bay Area and U.S.  She has “paid her dues” with thousands of hours of teaching, performing, directing, choreographing, etc over the past 16 years and continues to educate herself with training from the best know maestros from around the world.  Her dedication is admirable and is apparent to everyone who works with Debbie.  There are few dancers in the world of Argentine Tango today with such an extensive resume.  My own personal experience performing and co-teaching with Debbie and also performing in shows she has directed left me in great admiration of her talents!

-Christy Coté, Argentine Tango Professional


Debbie Goodwin is an amazing Argentine Tango teacher and dancer. Her knowledge of tango, technique and musicality is solid both in the leader’s and the follower’s role. Her versatility in both traditional and Nuevo tango styles, together with her creativity, is a major asset for our dance company Tango Con*Fusión. Debbie is energetic, generous and a pleasure to work with. Furthermore, her talents and passion took her to choreograph, direct and produce very successful tango shows. I expect it will do so for many years to come.

-Carolina Rozensztroch, Argentine Tango Professional