Call For Tango Dancers: Close Embrace, A Tango Love Story

Close Embrace: A Tango Love Story follows the story of a romance fiction writer who is working on a novel about a woman’s journey through love, heartbreak and healing. Her character travels to Buenos Aires to immerse herself in tango and leave the drama of her break up behind. Written by Lanny Udell & Jonathan Cutler. Directed and Choreographed by Debbie Goodwin.

Please read more about Close Embrace in the articles below. If you are interested in joining the cast or still have questions, please phone 415-482-7588 or contact Debbie. The adventure begins this September 2012 and will culminate on Feb 14-17, 2013!

Debbie and John are a treasure in the Marin tango community! Their commitment and generosity as teachers is deeply heart-felt. Their love, passion, and dedication to the art of tango is inspirational and contagious!  Their teaching style is fun and playful! Participating in their student production is an absolute blast! Through my participation in their student production, All About Tango, my dancing and technique improved immensely. The experience got me out dancing several times a week and connected with the local tango community. I definitely recommend studying with them, attending their various tango events, and participating in their student production! – Kat Sun

Quick Links: Available Roles | Commitments for General Cast | Commitments for Women’s Choreography

Tango Dancers are needed for the following roles…

Note that all dancers will also be in mini scenes that set the story line.

1. The Novelist –Role filled: Deborah Loft
Seated at her desk in front of a typewriter, she writes the story. As she types, the words appear on an overhead screen and we hear the writer’s recorded voice speaking the words. The novelist may have some dance moves by herself as she writes the story.

2.  Angelica (Main Female Role) –Role filled: Tanya Rokhlin
Broken hearted, she journeys to Buenos Aires to become a tanguera and forget the sorrow of lost love. She dances one choreography with handsome stranger and will be present in most scenes watching, absorbing. She may also dance in the group couples choreography with handsome stranger plus improvisation at the milonga. Could be in women’s choreography if desired.

3. Miguel (Main Male Role) – Role split and filled: Jose Orellana (handsome stranger)/David Caditz (tango teacher)
The handsome stranger/tango teacher.  Need advanced dancer or guest semi-professional/professional. He dances one choreography with Angelica,  and perhaps the group couples choreography. He may be shown teaching a class, plus improvisation at the milonga.

4. Three Int/Advanced couples for individual choreography – Duets. Roles Filled
Minimum of 3 couples who will appear at various places throughout the story. The style, music and story line of the choreography can be adapted to each couple. Basically, the broken hearted woman (Angelica) will notice these couples in some manner that will add to the story line. Will want at least one couple to do a tango (dream scene), one a vals (perhaps an outdoor cafe scene) another a milonga. These couples can also be part of group choreography and/or improvised milonga scene listed below if desired.

5. Three to five Int/Advanced couples for group couples choreography. – Roles Filled
This will be an upbeat traditional rhythmic tango using both traditional close embrace milonguero style moves and some individual synchronized footwork.

6. 8-20 dancers for all-women’s choreography – Roles Filled
All levels welcome – see description of women’s choreography below.

7. 8 Int/Advanced dancers for improvisational milonga scene. – Roles Open
4 leaders, 4 followers for tangos, valses & milongas. Some will dance with different partners for each tanda. Can also take roles in group or duet choreography above.

8. Dancers for classroom scene – All Levels (Required:  Commitments for General Cast #5-11 below)- Roles Open
Guest artist David Caditz who plays the role of a tango teacher in our production will be choreographing a classroom scene for Close Embrace. We would like as many cast members/tango students as possible to take part in this . We need equal amounts of leaders and followers, hopefully 16 people total. The choreography will not be difficult and needs approximately 6-8 rehearsals to put together.
Saturday Afternoons 2pm-3pm  Dec 1-Feb 17 (no rehearsals Dec 22 or 29 for this piece only)

Ready to dance? If you are interested in joining the cast or still have questions, please phone 415-482-7588 or contact Debbie.

What will I need to do?

To make this production possible, a preliminary commitment is needed by September 1, 2012 from a minimum of 4 leaders and 4 followers of strong Level 3-4 ability or above. Level 2 students can also take part if enough dancers from Level 3 are committed. Everyone’s level will definitely go up a notch if involved! Email Debbie if you would like to sign up.

Commitments for General Cast

All Classes, Rehearsals & Performances in San Anselmo.

(Please note that you can opt to be in parts of the show that only require once a week attendance Sept-Feb. If you wish to play a bigger role, your attendance may be required 2 -3 times a week. We try to make this very doable project for everyone concerned.)

  1. Attendance at Monday night and/or Wednesday night classes, depending on your level and participation. (an average of 3 out of 4 weeks per month Sept-Feb). Regular class fees apply.
  2. Group Couples Choreography Rehearsals (Saturdays 1pm-2pm). Regular class fees apply $15. (Discounted Monthly Couples Pass available)
  3. Individual Choreography – Duets by private class appointment with Debbie. (Special reduced rate of $50/hour per couple instead of $75 + studio fee $15 if not held at Debbie’s home studio)
  4. An effort to come to Friday night Prácticas (Sept-Feb). This is where you will be able to practice your social style dance with your partner and other cast members.
  5. Read and respond to monthly email updates.
  6. Sell or buy 10 tickets to family, friends, and co-workers.
  7. Volunteer for one of the production jobs. (Ex: Set up, Clean up, ticket sales, programs, set design etc. List will follow)
  8. Attend photo shoot. Dec 15 or 16. (Minimal fees for photo shoot. Sign up sheet for 1/2 hour or hour slots closer to date. )
  9. Attendance at December Rehearsal/Audition.
    Sun, Dec 16, 2012 2pm-5pm.
    This is where we run through show format, decide on partners for Milonga scene, and determine which couples have made enough progress on their choreography to be in show.
  10. Attendance at final month of rehearsals: Sundays: Jan 27th, Feb 3rd & 10th from 2pm-5pm
  11. Attendance at Dress Rehearsal & Performances @ San Anselmo Playhouse: (Dress Reh = Feb 13th 7pm-10pm) -Performances: Thursday Feb 14th 8pm Valentine Special, Friday, Feb 15th 8pm, Saturday Feb 16th 8pm & Sun Feb 19th 2pm
    *Cast Party Sunday after show

Commitments for Women’s Choreography

Cast of Shoe Seduction

Women’s Cast of “Shoe Seduction” All About Tango 2011
photo: Alli Novak

This year’s women’s choreography will be danced to a slower melodic tango. It will be about how the tango invades ones heart and holds one forever in a close embrace. Both individual work and partnering is involved. Prepare to be challenged as we work to refine body movement, balance, foot placement and connection to create a beautiful, soulful tango.

We need a minimum of 10 women signed up by Sept 1st to make this happen. First class is Saturday, Sept 8, 2012.

1. Attendance at Saturday morning Technique & Choreography classes. An average of 3 out of 4 weeks per month Sept-Feb.  Cost is $15 for the entire morning or monthly rate of $55  (If you have a monthly couples pass, add only $45/month for Women’s Classes.)

Cast of Don Juan

Women’s Cast of “Don Juan”, Tango Tales 2012
photo: Dart Rinefort


10:30-11:30 Women’s Tango Technique (All Levels)
(This class is also open to public for $15. Must be taken if you are participating in choreography.)
11:30-12:30 Women’s Choreography Class (All Levels)
(This is a closed class only available to those signed up to perform in Close Embrace 2013.)

Also required #’s 5-11 in Commitments for General Cast section above.

Ready to dance? If you are interested in joining the cast or still have questions, please phone 415-482-7588 or contact Debbie.

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