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All About Tango 2011 Kat & Dominic

All About Tango 2011 – Kat & Dominic

Alma del Tango offers a unique opportunity to be involved in an annual student dance production or performance. Our goal is to encourage artistic expression and the development of community through Argentine Tango. These performances are fun and do just that!

The following  currently has a call for tango dancers:

  • Alma Del Tango Dancers (directed by Rose Vierling)
    Rehearsal begins in July 15, 2017
    Performance scheduled for Sept 9, 2017  
Looking for more details about being in a production? For more information, contact us.

That was such a great experience to work with all of you! EXCEPTIONAL, PROFESSIONAL, UNFORGETTABLE, STUNNING SHOW!!! Still rehearsing in my mind. – Lyudmila Morry

4 reasons why you will want to be involved in our student dance production

  1. Improve your improvised social style tango skills.
  2. Challenge yourself to learn and perform a choreographed tango.
  3. Share the magic of tango with family and friends.
  4. Be part of a community building experience.


Tango Tales

Tango Tales 2012 – Dart & Dottye

“Not only did Debbie take a couple of senior citizens, coordinate their two left feet and move them down the dance floor in unison, but she molded a total group of strangers into such a delightful story. We look back in total disbelief that we were a small part of this journey. Thanks again to you and everyone who made this such a rich and extraordinary memory for us.”
– Dart & Dottye Rinefort

#1 Improve your improvised social style tango skills.

As part of the cast, you will work hard to improve your improvisation.  You will improvise these dances with fellow student participants or with your set partner.  The music and the partners for each tanda will be chosen in advance and you will be well rehearsed even though the actual dance will be improvised.

Beginning this October and continuing through mid February, all group classes will focus on building a strong social style base for all students with a strong emphasis on musicality. Those involved in the production will also receive extra coaching and personal follow up sessions to encourage a high level of confidence on the dance floor.

I was excited about participating, and after a few emails with Debbie I decided to do it and I don’t regret it. In spite of all the driving, it was a wonderful experience. You guys are one of the greatest tango communities!  – Jorge Monterrosa

#2 Challenge yourself to learn and perform a choreographed tango.

Couple Dancing TangoThe show will feature students who wish to learn and perform a choreography. Your tango will improve by working up a choreography, with assistance from Debbie and her creative team, appropriate to, but stretching, your dance level. We will work with couples on an individual basis in a private class setting for duets , and a group class setting for a couples group choreography. (You will need to find your own partner for this venture. Ask your fellow students or other tango dancers if they are interested in partnering with you). There will also be a group class setting for a women’s and men’s choreography.  An audition will be held in December, and there will be a standard to achieve in order to perform in the choreographic section of the show.

The creativity, the level of dance and performance skill, and the joyfulness everyone displayed, made this a real fun filled experience! I am so happy to have been a part of this, it’s been a real joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you…– Sylvia Goodman

#3 Share the magic of tango with family and friends.

They’ll finally be able to see you dance the tango! Tickets will be available to friends, family and co-workers, as well as local tangueros and the general public who is interested in finding out about Argentine Tango. The event will take place in San Anselmo with 6 performances (Fri-Sun). After the final performance we’ll celebrate with a milonga/cast party. A professional video and photographs will be available so you can continue to re-live the experience and share the magic with family and friends.

Thank you Debbie for putting this together. It was a wonderful show! And thank you all my dancing friends for a great experience. I totally enjoyed the rehearsals, the mutual support and good wishes of all. – Robert Leys

#4 Be part of a community-building experience with people who share a common passion for Argentine Tango.

Working on the show, you’ll get to know your fellow dancers in a way that doesn’t happen in class. If you decide to participate, you will be able to share your creative talents not just by dancing but also by being part of the production crew from inception in September to completion February. It’s always amazing to see how a small amount of time and effort from each person results in such creative and powerful results. The end product is pure excitement and FUN!!

Tango Tales - Cast

Looking for more details about being in a production? For more information, contact Debbie.

** This couples option is based on discounted private sessions at $75/hour (regular rate is $90). The number of sessions required depends on your progress. Classes should be scheduled starting in October to give enough time to be ready for December auditions.