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Student of the Month – Helen Reutovski

Helen Reutovskiby Lanny Udell


Dancing tango since: Helen has been dancing tango for five years, but her fascination with the dance began when she was 10 years old and saw ice dancers perform to La Cumparsita.

Watch the tango on ice that mersmerized young Helen.

Why tango: Helen started taking classes to find relief from her life circumstances at the time. Little did she know that in a few short years she would be performing tango onstage!

Favorite part: “The music captivates me deeply,” says Helen. She also loves the feeling of connection with a partner,  “when a couple starts moving it’s like being in a different dimension or in a pleasant whirlwind as you feel the wind under your feet.”  In tango she finds profound truths that also apply in everyday life. “You have to be alert, be in the moment, and stay tall and on your own axis.”

Helen Reutovski in All About Tango 2011

Helen Reutovski in All About Tango 2011

About Debbie & John: Their love for people and the dance, and their irresistible enthusiasm stand out for Helen. “Debbie makes us feel like a star,” she says. And when dancing with John “you find out where you are…he’s always challenging us which makes dancing with him an ultimate treat.”

Anything else? Close Embrace: A Tango Love Story will be Helen’s third appearance in an Alma del Tango student production. She greatly admires Debbie as a director/choreographer, calling her “a great visionary.”

Last word: Attention leadersHelen is looking for a partner to dance milonga with her. Interested? Email or speak to her at class.

Here’s the milonga she dreams of learning.

Helen Reutovski in Tango Tales 2012

Helen Reutovski with Robert Leys in Tango Tales 2012




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A Tango Love Story in Marin by Maika Higgins

The following article is from SF Loves Tango website by Maika Higgins

A Tango Love Story in Marin

December 10, 2012

While most of us are in the midst of shopping for the Holidays, Alma del Tango is in the middle of preparing for their next Tango production: “Close Embrace, A Tango Love Story”.

The production follows the story of a romance fiction writer who is working on a novel about a woman’s journey through love, heartbreak and healing. Her character travels to Buenos Aires to immerse herself in tango and leave the drama of her break up behind.”  (Doesn’t this sounds familiar?)  The story is written by Lanny Udell & Jonathan Cutler and directed and choreographed by Debbie Goodwin.

Tanya Rohklin and Jose Orellana, regular students at Alma del Tango, play the lead roles. Guest artists include a few of our favorite local dancers and teachers:  Daniel Peters, David Caditz and Rose Vierling.  Debbie Goodwin and John Campbell will also make an appearance. This is sure to be a treat.

You may be asking yourself what is Alma del Tango, well…

Alma del Tango is a non-profit organization started by Debbie Goodwin and John Campbell in 1996. The organization is dedicated to encouraging artistic expression and the development of community through Argentine Tango.  Quite fittingly, “Alma del Tango” translates to heart or soul of Tango.  Debbie and John, along with putting on an annual student dance production, teach beginner to advanced classes plus host a weekly practica and a monthly milonga, all in Marin County, California.

Alma del Tango is also the umbrella organization for several note worthy Tango projects such as “TangoCalifia” that hosts milongas in public locations around San Francisco, the all-women Tango group, “Tango Con*Fusión” and most recently “Seth Asarnow y Su Sexteto Tipico, one of the Bay Area’s most popular Tango orchestras. I highly recommend visiting their website for more information on all of Alma del Tango’s activities.  Plus, on the site they post video clips from their advanced classes demonstrating very fun patterns.

Seth Asarnow y Su Sexteto Tipico.
Photo by Peter Ivory

One of the things I like most about Alma del Tango, is that through their annual student dance productions they offer dancers the opportunity to perform, greatly increasing their confidence and skills.  One cannot help but improve with regular practice and a focused goal.  Performing on a stage can be quite frightening,  but for those who attempt it, it’s a life changing experience.  These tango productions are also a great way to educate the larger community about Argentine Tango and perhaps even inspire a few people to try it themselves.

If you have not seen one of their productions yet,  or cant’ wait to see another one, take advantage of the special pre-Sale Ticket rate of only $15 happening until December 15th.  Tip: The Valentines Day show makes for a great date.

Performance dates are Feb 14-16, 2013 at 8pm and Feb 17, 2013 at 2pm

Pre-Sale Tickets: $15 until December 15th.  Click here to purchase discounted ticktets now!

$20 In Advance, $25 at door if available

Location of Production:
Drake Little Theater
1327 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Anselmo, Ca 94960

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Video Notes: Debbie & John Sacadas, Traspie, Colgadas for Vals

Class Notes from December 3, 2012

Come with a partner to Monday night Advanced Class for Couples

Argentine Tango with Debbie & John
167 Tunstead Ave, San Anselmo, Ca

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Video Notes: Debbie & John Soltadas & Barridas

Class Notes from November 26, 2012

Come with a partner to Monday night Advanced Class for Couples

Argentine Tango with Debbie & John
167 Tunstead Ave, San Anselmo, Ca

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