Tango Magic…the spell is cast! (2014)


Tango Magic explores the magical moments of the dance. That unspoken connection between partners, the music and the movement. Discover how tango touches lives and has the power to transform them. Like magic!

Conceived and Directed by Debbie Goodwin

Written by Lanny Udell & Jonathan Cutler



Tango Magic Student Cast – Feb 2014 Performance

Cast: Boyer Cole, Sammie Ellis, Sylvia Flores, Sylvia Goodman, Stephanie Graham, Edith Kaplan, Dean Lawler,David Navid, Jose Orellana, Michele Richards, Dart Rinefort, Dottye Rinefort, Cocco Savelli, Pamela Shreeve, Lanny Udell, Jasmine Worrell , William Zemsky

Tango Magic Creative Team:
Artistic Director: Debbie Goodwin, Choreographers: Debbie Goodwin & Rose Vierling, Writers: Lanny Udell & Jonathan Cutler, Lighting Design:John Campbell, Sound Design: Peter Ivory, Videographers: John Campbell & Peter Ivory, Graphic Design:Edith Kaplan, Photography: Alli Novak, Stage Manger & Theatrical Coach: Daniel Peters, Set Design & House Manger: Pier Voulkos