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Learn East Coast Swing & Lindy Hop at Alma del Tango

While Argentine Tango was developing in the southern hemisphere, Swing dance was being created in the northern hemisphere. These dance styles became iconic of the period. East Coast Swing evolved from Lindy Hop in the late 1940’s and early 50’s, and is based in six-count patterns that are simplified from 8-count Lindy Hop patterns.

Swing Dance: East Coast Style

Swing dance instructor Jasmine Worrell

Swing dancer and instructor Jasmine Worrell


NEW! Tuesdays 6pm-7pm (starting Jan 3, 2017) – Intermediate East Coast Swing

Tuesdays 7pm-8pm –Beginning East Coast Swing 
Instructor Jasmine Worrell
If you are new to swing dancing this monthly series is for you! East Coast Swing is a fun social dance that is an instantly accessible way to enjoy dancing to swing jazz, blues and rock and roll music. On the social dance floor, the six count steps of the East Coast Swing can be mixed with the eight count steps of Lindy Hop and Charleston, and is therefore a perfect place to begin learning these vintage American dances.

New classes begin on the first Tuesday of each month.  Classes are progressive. Every week within that month we build upon the moves taught in the previous class. No experience or partner is necessary.

Between East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, there is a 10 minute Free Swing Practice where dancers from the East Coast Swing class can experiment and work on figures learned. Lindy Hoppers arriving for the 8:10 class can warm up during this time. This is a chance to meet classmates, practice without the stress of a crowded dance floor, and dance to songs where the beat is easy to find.


I love love love Jasmine’s class! It’s the absolute highlight of my week. She is an incredibly patient, kind, and thorough teacher as well as a beautiful dancer. She really encourages your growth as a dancer and kindly and calmly explains each movement from both perspectives.
Sophia T.


Swing Dance: Lindy Hop Style

Tuesdays 8pm – 9pm  Instructor: Jasmine Worrell
Lindy Hop is the original American swing dance, also known as Jitterbug, which was created in the late 1930’s and 40’s to really swing to the jazz music being played in the dance halls in Harlem. Danced to a wide range of tempos,  a strong pulse drives the movement of the dance, and the music is traditionally big band swing from the Golden Era of Jazz. Lindy Hop is danced to an eight count rhythm and is characterized as a lively and happy dance.

In this class you’ll learn the basics of Lindy Hop including the Swing Out, Charleston, and various follower and leader turns. There will be significant repetition to help work the rhythm into dancers’ bodies.  No experience or partner is necessary, although it is highly recommended that each dancer complete one month-long series of East Coast swing before enrolling in Lindy Hop.

Lindy Hop is a monthly series starting on the first Tuesday of each month.  Classes are progressive. Every week within that month, we build upon the moves taught in the previous weeks. MUST COMMIT TO ONE MONTH SERIES. BEGIN THE FIRST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH. NO DROP-IN’S DURING THE MONTH.

Learn East Coast Swing at Alma del Tango in Marin a del Tango in Marin

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