Student Performances

Tango Tales

Tanya Rokhlin & Deborah Loft in “Tango Tales”
February 2012

Alma del Tango offers a unique opportunity to be involved in an annual student dance production.  Our productions are created over a 6-month period.

Training begins in October and culminates in February performances. Production goals are broken into doable, confidence building tasks and the process is highly organized. Participants understand their commitments and everyone has a role to play.

Together we create amazing art. Our goal is to encourage artistic expression and the development of community through Argentine Tango. These productions are fun and do just that! For more information go to Be in a Student Production, or contact us.

“ I was completely impressed with Debbie’s leadership abilities, how seamlessly she managed this large group of people, and her generosity as teacher … I fell in love with Debbie.” – Margaret Trachtenberg, dancer in Close Embrace: A Tango Love Story

Upcoming Performances

    NEW! Student Performance Group: Alma del Tango Dancers:  Oct 23, 2016 – Jan 27, 2017

Past Student Performances

Debbie and John are a treasure in the Marin tango community!  Their commitment and generosity as teachers is deeply heart-felt.  Their love, passion, and dedication to the art of tango is inspirational and contagious.  Their teaching style is fun and playful.  Participating in their student production is an absolute blast!  Through my participation in All About Tango, my dancing and technique improved immensely.  The experience got me out dancing several times a week and connected with the local tango community.  I definitely recommend studying with them, attending their various tango events, and participating in their student production! – Kat Sun