Debbie Goodwin Dance Company


The newly formed Debbie Goodwin Dance Company (DGDC) represents the culmination of director Debbie Goodwin’s 20 years of performances, choreography, teaching and collaboration within the Bay Area tango community. Sponsored by the non-profit Alma del Tango, DGDC takes inspiration from the groundbreaking work of contemporary tango artists as well as the traditional. Transforming the perception of tango in the United States from the cliché, rose-in-mouth dance of sexual tension and passion, the company manifests tango as the embodiment of the human condition in the broadest sense, with the particular cultural perspective of traditional Argentine culture.

Our first show, Me Llamo Tango, will debut May 22, 2015 at Fort Mason for SFIAF (San Francisco International Arts Festival)



DGDC_RoseAnton2015Rose Vierling and Anton Koukareko

Rose danced her first tango at the age of 16 in a dress made entirely of duct tape which was designed by the late Emilie Autumn. At first she didn’t like tango but after seeing the movie “Tango” she fell in love with it.

Anton got his first pair of dance shoes at age 5. While he quickly outgrew them, he never outgrew his love of dancing. His favorite tango song right now is Pasion Y Tango by Sexteto Mayor.

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DGDC_PierDan2015Daniel Peters and Pier Voulkos

Dan began his professional dance career in San Francisco with Ed Mock and Company. Multi-talented, quirky, creative … he is also a filmmaker, theatrical coach, prop-maker…and a snappy dresser.

Pier didn’t realize how special tango was until she learned that the dancers were not memorizing their parts but it was all improvisation. “It’s incredible that any direction or step is an open possibility and that two people can communicate and negotiate it all in the moment. A good way to live.”

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DGDC_ErinDoruk2015Erin Malley and Doruk GolcuOr

Doruk started tango for the same reason a lot of guys do: to chase a girl. Turned out, he liked tango a lot more than he liked the girl, so he stuck with it. And then, at a milonga, he met Erin …

In her first tango performance in 2005, Erin danced with Doruk in a fashion show of sorts in a club on New York’s Lower East Side. Her dress was more of a fairy costume than a tango dress. A fan, who appeared to be high, told them how much they turned her on. Erin had only been dancing tango about 6 months at the time. Read more about Erin and Doruk..

DGDC_JoseJasmine2015Jose Orellana and Jasmine Worrell

When his bride-to-be suggested tango classes as a respite from salsa, Jose was “all over it.” Their wedding dance was a tango to Canaro’s Poema. “Tango is not something I do, rather, it is something I am — the Milonguero in me has been awakened.”

For Jasmine, Tango radiates love, passion, beauty, connection, maturity, tenderness, surrender. “I can never have enough, and yet I leave the dance floor completely fulfilled.”

DGDC_DebbieJohn2015Debbie Goodwin and John Campbell

After more than 20 years of dancing Argentine Tango, John quit his day job to devote the rest of his life to family, friends and tango. “I think I’m going to like it!”

A dancer since the age of 3, Debbie was told at 26 that she was too old to have a career in dance. Now, her dream of having her own dance company has come true. Moral of the story – don’t listen to what *they* say.

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