Call for Social Tango Dancers

Be the dancer you dream to be….
join us for an opportunity for artist expression through tango!

Tango – Moment by Moment
Alma del Tango’s
Intensive Couples Seminar, Student Production & Gala!

(Sept 1st-Dec 4th, 2015)

This year we are doing this differently! On the night of December 4th, instead of offering a traditional student show, Alma del Tango is throwing a GALA! After an hour of beautiful tango performances by our students, we will open up the floor and invite all attendees and students to join in a Milonga to live music!


Friday, December 4th, 2015
7pm-8pm – “Tango- Moment by Moment”
Improvisational Group Performance/Show
8pm-11pm – Gala Milonga – Live Music



Milonga Classes & EventsThis program is designed to help you and your partner express your personalities through tango. You will learn how to take the structural elements, steps, navigation & musical theory taught in classes and turn them into your own tango dance expression that is uniquely YOU! We guide you from an analytical mindset into one of intuition and emotion. Whatever your level in tango, this program will help you experience more joy and freedom in your social dance. 

This is a twelve week personalized focused program open to dancers at Level 2, 3, 4 and above. You and your dance partner will see and feel and a significant improvement in your dancing!

Debbie and John are a treasure in the Marin tango community! Their commitment and generosity as teachers is deeply heartfelt. Their love, passion and dedication to the art of tango is inspirational and contagious!  Their teaching style is fun and playful! Participating in their student production is an absolute blast! Through my participation in their student production, All About Tango, my dancing and technique improved immensely. The experience got me out dancing several times a week and connected with the local tango community. I definitely recommend studying with them, attending their various tango events, and participating in their student production! – Kat Sun

Quick Links: Program Description-How it works / What will I need to do? / Plan into your Fall Schedule /Optional Choreographed Practice Routine-Performance / Package Deals

Tanya Rokhlin & Robert Leys in Tango Tales 2012

  1. We begin with an introductory private class that will assess your current tango skills, define your goals and set your personalized program into action.
  2. Subsequent private sessions  (10 private classes in total) improve the execution of the material you already know and enrich your vocabulary to balance out your repertoire. If the couple has a desire to learn specific new elements, we will help you with that process as well.
  3. As we work with you, your style and personality will become more clearly defined. At several points we may offer video feedback so you can see your progress. Together we will use this material to define and nurture YOUR unique personal style.
  4.  Attendance at the Group Musicality Workshop will help you understand and apply concepts such as: single, double and half-time steps, rhythm, melodic rhythm in tango, melody without the four-beat basic rhythm, melody played along with a rhythmic base, dialogue between different melodies, phrasing, changing of dynamics and the form and structure of tango.
  5. You will learn how to place your tango vocabulary in the music in a way that expresses your personality.
  6. We will use in our work together a selection of 10 -20 commonly played tangos.  You will be given a CD so that you may become thoroughly familiar with the music. You will practice using your improvisational skills to these popular pieces. (We will randomly choose from this song list the music we will use for your demonstration dances in the show “Tango-Moment to Moment” at the Holiday Gala Milonga.)
  7. You will learn a tool kit of navigational devices to use at the prácticas, milongas and rehearsals to encourage line of dance and a harmonious interaction with other couples on the dance floor.
  8.  There is nothing like setting a goal date to help you achieve your dream of being the dancer you always wanted to be! Our Holiday Gala Milonga is December 4th, 2015 – it is our culminating event. You will share the magic of tango with family and friends. They’ll finally be able to see you dance the tango! Tickets will be available to friends, family and co-workers, as well as local tangueros and the general public who is interested in finding out about Argentine Tango.

MaryBeth Neill dances at a milongs


  1. Do it! Become the dancer you want to be. Commit to the challenge!
  2. Reserve your private class time slot. There are a limited amount of  private time slots available with either instructors Debbie Goodwin, John Campbell or a combination of the two. Contact Debbie to schedule.
  3. Decide which group classes you will commit to and schedule it, along with Friday’s Prácticas & Milongas into your personal calendar.
  4. Schedule workshop, rehearsals and performance dates into your personal calendar. TBA
  5. Choose a partner to work with.
    (If you cannot find someone to work with, there is the possibility of hiring a practice partner through Alma del Tango. Contact Debbie to arrange.)
  6. Contact Debbie for additional questions and information

Intensive Seminar for Tango Couples


All group classes, private classes, workshops, rehearsals & improvisational group performance for our HOLIDAY TANGO GALA will be at Alma Del Tango studio/dance space: 167 Tunstead Avenue, San Anselmo, CA 94960

  1. FALL DATES: Tango Intensive Seminar: Sept-Oct -Nov with Gala on Friday, Dec 4th.
  2. GROUP CLASSES: One night weekly minimum attendance. You choose!  Monday (Level 3 & or 4),Wednesday (Level 1 & 2) or Friday (Level 2/3).
  3. FRIDAY NIGHT PRÁCTICAS/MILONGA: Because our focus is on improvisation, floor time is essential! This is where you will be able to practice your improvised social style dance under our guided supervision.
  5. Volunteer for one of the production jobs. Working on the show, you’ll get to know your fellow dancers in a way that doesn’t happen in class. You will be able to share your creative talents not just by dancing but also by being part of the production crew from inception in September to completion December. It’s always amazing to see how a small amount of time and effort from each person results in such creative and powerful results. The end product is pure excitement and FUN!!(Ex: Set up, clean up, ticket sales, program ads, gala decor etc. List will follow)
  6. Attend photo shoot. Date TBD –  (Sign up sheet for 1/2 hour or hour slots closer to date. )
  7. Attendance at group rehearsals. Dates TBD
  8. Attendance at Dress Rehearsal & Performances (Dress Reh =Thursday Dec 3rd 7pm-9pm) + Performance:   Friday, Dec 4th (Dancer’s call is 1 hours before showtime = 6pm)
  9. OPTIONAL CHOREOGRAPHED PRACTICE ROUTINE:  (Saturdays 12:30-1:30pm. Open to couples enrolled in the Intensive Seminar  for Couples AND individuals without a partner wishing to participate.


This practice/performance routine (open to men and women) will condition your body to master tango posture, strengthen your sense of balance, refine foot placement and add grace and sensuality to your movements. We will include tango vocabulary  such la caminata, el cruce, ochos, molinetes, boleos, planeos, ganchos, sacadas, lapiz, enrosques & adornments! The routine will be one you can keep to practice your skills but we will add the right amount of finesse and presence to create a performance piece as well! For an example of concept check out the first 40 seconds of this video from the movie TANGO   and also from 50 seconds to 1:15 in this video from Tango Magic. (Open to couples enrolled in the Fall Tango Couples Intensive Seminar AND/OR individuals without a partner wishing to participate.)

  1. FALL DATES: Sept- Oct – Nov with performance at Holiday Tango Gala on Friday, Dec 4th, 7pm.
  3. REQUIREMENT:  Enrolled in Couples Fall Tango Intensive Seminar OR attend either Leaders or Follower’s Saturday Technique class to participate in this routine).

We need a minimum of 8 participants signed up by Sept 12th  to make this happen. First class is Saturday 12:30pm, Sept 12, 2015.

Plan into your Fall Schedule

1. Attendance at Saturday Technique & Choreography classes. 

Either 10-11 Leaders Tango Technique (All Levels) or 11:15-12:15 Follower’s Tango Technique (All Levels) and 12:30-1:30  Choreography Class (All Levels – This is a closed class only available to those signed up to perform at Holiday Tango Gala Dec 4th,  2015.)
2. Also #’s 5-9 above under Intensive Seminar for Tango Couples 



Unlimted access to any regular class at Alma del Tango

Intensive Seminar for Tango Couples

  • 10 private classes with your partner
  • Unlimited attendance at any regular group class during Sept 1st-Dec 4th, 2015
  • Unlimited shared space practice time at the studio – contingent upon space available
  •  3 hour Musicality Workshop
  • 10 Prácticas
  • 4 Milongas
  • 2 – 2 hour Rehearsals
  • CD of 10-20 popular pieces of tango music
  • Couples Photo Shoot
  • Video of Improvisational Group Performance/Show
  • 5 tickets to “Tango – Moment to Moment”  Show/ Holiday Gala Milonga to give to your friends and family

Only $995!  (A $2,100 value) for 3 months of custom private lessons, unlimited group classes, milongas, produced stage performance, photoshoot, DVD, tickets for friends and family and more!

Fees: $995 PER PERSON due Sept 1st
or 3 payments of $348 due Sept 1st, Oct 1st & Nov 1st= $

Add on: See special pricing below for participants of Intensive Seminar for Couples

Choreographed Practice Routine/Performance

  • 12 group technique classes
  • 12 Choreography classes
  • 2- 2 hour rehearsals
  • Group Photo Shoot
  • Video of Improvisational Group Performance/Show
  • 5 tickets to “Tango – Moment to Moment”  Show/ Holiday Gala Milonga to give to your friends and family

Fees: $455 per person due Sept 1st
or 3 payments of $160 due Sept 1st, Oct 1st & Nov 1st= $480

If you are a participant of the Intensive Seminar for Couples
Optional $160 extra per person to participate in choreographed practice routine/performance
(no extra  video or tickets to show as you already have this included in your other package)



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